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As far as I can remember, I have always had this fascination for perfumes and more particularly those for interiors. My mother used to burn scented candles with sunny smells that reminded her of her country. She would install aroma diffusers in the hallway by the entrance and walk around the house with incense from Africa… And I dreamed of the day when I would finally have the opportunity to do the same in my home, in such a special way

_ Sarah Joyce, creator of MAISON KINORA



(n.) Set of notions relating to the past, transmitted from generation to generation.

In these times of celebration, where we celebrate, where we meet with family or friends, it was important for us to evoke this notion that inspires unity and reunion... Discover our new collection made of traditions, customs and rituals that accompany a life.

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We could not begin this adventure born in Africa without mentioning its edifying name, the cradle of humanity. This place where mother nature comes into its own.

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