The story

MAISON KINORA was born from a passion transmitted from mother to daughter, traditions and several trips to sub-Saharan Africa. The designer says that she was amazed by the countless paradisiacal landscapes, the different cultures and the multitude of fragrant raw materials that she encountered there. Each time she returned to Paris, her head full of memories, both visual and sensory, she thought about how she was going to share her experiences. It was in a moment of reverie that she remembered her childhood and imagined these objects that could change everyday life.

Our values

Giving life with these hands to an idea, a thought or a dream is for us an undeniable source of value to our creations. We have a direct view of our raw materials and our compositions, which allows us to obtain a unique olfactory and visual rendering. Each creation is developed, tested and packaged in accordance with artisanal manufacturing standards.
Sharing and open-mindedness are values that complete the vision of MAISON KINORA.
We wish to share experiences, knowledge and cultures from here and elsewhere but above all to inspire all those who will have a MAISON KINORA creation, the desire to discover, to travel or very simply the desire to recharge and take care of your being.
Transform simple things in life into extraordinary things through exclusive and unique scents.



It is in our Parisian workshop that all our scented candles and home fragrances are made, tested and packaged in compliance with...

Maison Kinora Candles & diffusers

Anatomy and composition

Maison Kinora Candles & diffusers

Anatomy and composition

Our candles

MAISON KINORA candles are made from 100% soy wax and fragrance without CMR, Phthalate or animal matter. Their glass container is heat resistant and their silver metal lid come from England.

Our diffusers

Our diffusers are composed of perfumery alcohol, perfume without CMR or Phthalates and neutral vegetable oil, all from France.


The label attached to the container of scented candles and home fragrances was designed in Paris. The black imitation leather ribbon and the velvet ribbon that overhangs the fragrance diffuser ring are also French.